Make your resume stand out using LaTeX

Resume is the first thing that we require when we apply for a job or an internship or any program. As it is popularly said, a recruiter spends only 6–10 secs in reviewing a resume. So it should make a good impression within that short time frame. Most of people make their resumes in Microsoft Word or google docs or Canva. Instead, using LaTeX gives a professional touch to your resume, and makes it more neat and clean.

LaTeX pronounced as «Lah-tech» or «Lay-tech» is a document presentation system for high-quality typesetting. Its best feature is that it allows users to concentrate on content than appearance of document. It automatically sets the layout, font-type and font size of the content.

To install LaTeX you can refer here.

To create a resume, you need to find a suitable template and change its content according to your needs. Some good resume templates can be found here. After downloading the template, you can open it in your editor, make changes and generate a pdf file.

For non-programmers and those who donot want to install LaTeX can create it online in Overleaf. Overleaf is a collaborative cloud-based LaTeX editor. It provides a wide range of LaTeX resume templates. All you need to do is select your favourite template, edit it online, change the content, download it and your resume is ready to rock.

LaTeX is not only used to write resumes, but we can also create presentations, documents and much more.. The official website contains templates for all of them which can be downloaded. LaTeX is also for those who spend lots of time in setting font, size, colour of their document and end up making it look a mess. It helps you to focus only on content and it will take care of the design and overall look of the document.

Stay tuned to learn about LaTeX presentations and more interesting programming stuff :)

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