Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador is a unique student ambassador program by Microsoft. It is an international community of tech-enthusiast students who are passionate to help others. This program provides many opportunities to learn and grow. It has three milestones and with every milestone you unlock, you get additional benefits. In this article we will discuss in detail about the MLSA program, application procedure, perks, my experiences as an ambassador, including my suggestions and experiences.

Being a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador has many perks and these benefits increase as you advance to higher milestones. When you get selected, you become an ambassador of Microsoft and its products at your campus, you also get free subscription of Microsoft 360, access to Microsoft Learning and you become a part of global community of students. You have to complete various tasks to advance to next levels and as you move higher you get free domain, Microsoft Azure free credits, LinkedIn Learning, event support, swag kits and much more.

I personally liked this program because it is unlike other student ambassador programs which just add you to their Whats App groups and you are required to publicise their products and courses, Microsoft Ambassador program focuses on student’s development by providing above mentioned various perks. It provides many learning resources, connects you to an international group of peers, and promotes your personality development. I would suggest all tech-enthusiast students to apply as it is a great opportunity. Eligibility to apply for this program is anyone above 16 years of age, enrolled in any higher education institution can apply for the program, but tech background is preferred. Applications are open anytime and the results are declared quarterly. Application form can be found from the MLSA official website here.

The application process consists of some sections, initial ones are about personal details, educational background etc... The last two are the most important sections that decide the fate of your selection. It contains three questions to answer and one answer must compulsorily be a video format and other two should be descriptive answers of min 100 words. It is recommended to make a video for the teach question because this is a question that can be easily explained through a video.

What excites you about technology and why do you want to help other students explore and learn?

This is an open ended question where each person has a different perspective and hence a different answer. Some people might find technology exciting because it has enormous power, power to do anything, some people might say because it automates tasks, makes our lives easier, some people feel because it is fast, it is rapidly growing, it can take us to Mars. So this answer depends on your perspective, how you see technology in your life.

If you were hosting an event at your school, how would you get students to attend?

This answer would be super easy for those who have experience of being a part of any community/club or those who have hosted an event before. They know what all goes behind organising one event, various posters, notices, social medias, registrations, feedback, certificates, invites etc.. For all those who do not have any prior experience can imagine or can analyse how they come to know about events being conducted in their school/community. How their community publicises about their events, or a better idea would be to talk to an experienced person and get insights on how they did the publicity and then put yourself at their place and analyse how you would do this if you were at their place.

How would you take a technical concept and teach it to a friend or peer that has never heard of it?

If you are planning to make a video on teaching a technical concept, it is advice able that you choose a simple topic like pointers/data types/functions/arrays/strings/stacks/queues etc. and showcase your teaching skills and to make your video more interesting, you are recommended to utilise colourful visuals and animations to explain your topic. This should be the most preferred question for a video answer but still there is no hard and fast rule as such. If you prefer to write an answer, you should mention how you teach someone, your style of making others understand any concept. I had made a screen recording video on a whiteboard teaching stack data structure through colourful sticky notes.

The next section asks links about social media profiles. None of them are compulsory but it is good to fill as many as you can. Filling most of the profiles does not mean that if they ask for a twitter account, you simply create one and paste the link. You should provide only those profiles that are relevant to your skills, your work and those which strengthen your profile.

I refrain myself from providing links to my Instagram and Twitter handles as they are not the places where I showcase any of my technical skills/achievements. Now let us analyse what all links must be provided.

Every developer must have their online portfolio website, and it is a major plus point if you provide website link and if not then you should at least provide link to your resume.

You should provide Github profile link which is well maintained with a readme(read my article about profile readme here) and all the projects well showcased.

If you do not write any technical articles, it is advisable to write one and provide its link.

LinkedIn profile must be there as it will showcase your professional networking.

Stack Overflow link must be provided if you are active there and help other Devs and this can be a huge plus point.

If you do not have any technical how-to video, it is advisable to make one and provide the link.

Do remember that your social media profiles determine strength of your profile and you should try to provide as many as you can.

The last section asks about your interests and at the end there is a question asking if you would like to tell us anything else, I recommend to mention something interesting about yourself that makes you stand out as a candidate. You can mention any of your achievements/open source contributions/events or webinars that you have conducted that showcase that you are willing to help the community. I had mentioned about other clubs and communities that I am a part of and how I have contributed towards the community.

After you have applied, sit back and relax!! You will be informed about your selection/rejection through mail. Do reach out to me for any queries (email — You can read about my MLSA experience here. Stay tuned for more such articles :)

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